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MAYDE - Our Story, Our Inspiration

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Northern New South Wales, Australia is special place. Lush green hinterlands, golden beaches, relentless surf and a super relaxed beach vibe makes it a popular place to visit and a (really) difficult place to leave.

We’re proud to say this magical place is the inspiration & birthplace of our brand.

Our natural environment continues to be a source of inspiration for our beach towels designs and styles.

Fans, followers and customers of our brand might have noticed that many of our beach towels and beach blankets are named after our favourite beaches & places along the Australian coastline. These are places we’ve lived, explored, surfed or just lay on the beach for a little while to soak up those vibes – all good times.

From the tropical, stylish & laid-back Noosa in Queensland, Australia through to the rugged and rocky Treachery on the Central Coast in New South Wales – all of these incredible places hold a special place in our heart and form the inspiration for the design of our beach towels.

Over the next few month’s we’ll tell you a little more about these amazing places, what we love about them and how they influenced our beach towel and beach blanket designs to create what you see today.

Watch out for our MAYDE in Australia blog series dropping soon.

Bring on summer,


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